QuickBooks Enterprise - What's New in 2016?

QuickBooks Enterprise – What’s New in 2016?

Beverly Lang Quick Books Enterprise


QuickBooks Enterprise – What’s New in 2016?  QuickBooks Enterprise 2016 for the desktop is here! This release contains a number of new features as well as improvements to existing ones. I’ll list the major changes that I’m aware of in this article.  Should you have additional questions or want to see a demo – please CONTACT ME.


Sort by columns

Now you can sort within a QuickBooks sales transaction by Item, Amount, QTY, etc., and the transaction will save and print the same as you see it.


Add a Cost Column

Now you can add a cost column to all your sales transaction. QuickBooks will display the current cost listed in the QuickBooks item list as the cost.  In the past, it was only available in the Estimate, now it is in all the sales transactions.


Search within a transaction

Do you have so many lines in your transactions that you often find it hard to find the line item you are looking for?  Now you can search within a transaction for what you are looking for.


Shortage report on Build Assemblies

In the past, it was cumbersome to find the quantities needed within a complex build assembly.  Now you can create a Shortage report from within the Build Assembly so you can quickly determine what products you are missing to complete the build.


Footer printing on last page only on multiple page sales and purchase transactions.

Some of you have asked me in the future to have a Terms and Conditions that you only want to have on the last page…now you can have a separate footer page!


Unlimited Cache

QuickBooks running slow?  In 2015 you can have unlimited user cache so if someone is pulling up a large report, QuickBooks will allow them more cache to pull that report, significantly reducing the time the report takes to display.


Total Columns in forms

Do you have a need to total a column?  Perhaps you have a custom column for weight on a sales transaction because you need to report the total weight of the shipment to charge your customer…now you have the ability to total any column in your sales transaction.


ES – Disallow Negative Inventory

We have heard for years that you don’t want QuickBooks to allow negative inventory.  Now, you have that as a preference to turn on.  QuickBooks is one of the few that do allow you to go negative, and for some businesses, it is a necessary part of doing their accounting, but if not managed properly, it can cause issues with your data.  With this new feature, if turned on, you will be able to prevent those negative numbers.


Save comments on reports

Need to create comments on a report while in QuickBooks?  Now you can!


Advanced Reporting

(FREE Add-On with a valid FSP or Silver, Gold, or Platinum Level Subscription)

Probably the best new feature for those needing more sophisticated reports, Advanced Reporting is an awesome new feature.  It takes the databases available in QuickBooks and allows you to create your own custom reports.  It is a work in progress and there is currently not an option to allow users roles to be restricted, but this is a product Intuit has committed to developing.


Other Improvements Across ALL QuickBooks Desktop Editions (except where noted)

  • Estimates automatically close after they are converted to an Invoice.
  • Column and filter for the “Other 1” and “Other 2” fields are available in reports.
  • Active/Inactive filter is available on Names in 11 reports.
  • New filter in Inventory Center: All Inventory & Assemblies (in QBES Only)
  • Indicator when the Time/Costs window contains billable items.
  • Ability to move subset of items from sales order to invoice.
  • Restore image files to expected location
  • Don’t warn users when they add duplicate items on transfer if lots are enabled (QBES Only).
  • Added-Preferred Delivery Method as a column to reports.
  • Added-Preferred vendor as a column and filter in Stock Status Reports.
  • Ability to add manufacturing part number column to Sales Orders, Estimates, and Purchase Orders. (For Sales Orders-Premier and QBES Only).
  • Adding a warning when inactivating an item with any quantity on hand (positive or negative).