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QuickBooks Online ….. Did You Know?

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You can Play in a QuickBooks Online Sample Company at No Charge

Do you have a client that needs to see a demo or play around with QBO before taking the leap?  Just visit the link and give it a try.  Nothing you do will be saved, but this is a great place to begin learning about QBO.  This sample company is a U.S. based Landscaping Service business and is ready for you to take a test drive.

You Can Zoom In and Out of QBO

You can zoom in or out by using the following:  Control + to zoom in and Control? to zoom out.  Use these keys multiple times to keep zooming in or out.  Hold them down continuously to zoom in and out more quickly.  Below is a screenshot that I zoomed in to 50% of the normal size.  Below that is a screenshot of the same screen that I zoomed out to 150%.          

Cookies Affect your QBO Experience

Since this is a software as a service (SaaS) product you should clear your cookies and cache on a regular basis to ensure QuickBooks Online works optimally.   To do this in Chrome you click on the menu icon  in the upper right corner.  Then click on More Tools > Clear Browsing Data (a short cut is Ctrl + Shift + Del).  This will bring up the window shown below.  Make sure the appropriate two boxes are checked and click on the Clear browsing data button

Right Click When Opening Links

If you want to take advantage of Tab Browsing go to your Home Page and right click on Reports, for example.  The right click menu offers you the option of opening in a new window or a new tab.  This is like the Open Windows list in the desktop version.  You also can re-arrange these tabs any way you like by merely clicking on the tab and dragging it to the desired location.

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